Blue Tit is an artists group who makes performative films. Based in Copenhagen and initiated by Pernille Koch, Amia Miang and Helle Pagter.


The Blue Tit productions have been presented by:

Kvindemuseet, Aarhus, DK

Galleri Marie Kirkegaard, Copenhagen, DK

Junge Hunde Festival & Bora Bora, Aarhus, DK

Théatre National de la Danse Chaillot, Paris, France

Festival International Signes de Nuit, Paris, France

Omovies - International Festival of Cinema Gay and Questioning, Napoli, Italy

Noida International Filmfestival, Delhi, India

Ekko Shortlist, DK (nominated for 3 Ekko Shortlist Awards 2017)

Longlisted for Vision du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland

Dansk Naturistsamfunds generalforsamling.


Their work is supported by Statens Kunstfond (Danish Arts Foundation) and they have been featured in Politiken and Fotografisk Center.




Helle Pagter is a choreographer-turned-filmmaker and in addition to being a proud member of Blue Tit, she directs for television and makes short films and documentaries. She teaches regularly at The National Danish Film School and has a passion for the precisely framed and open-ended process of artistic research.

For TV she co-conceptualized and co-directed the first ever season of the staged documentary series Married at First Sight. The series won critical acclaim, high ratings and was sold for production in more than 15 countries.

Helle is the other half of the reflective laboratory Pagter & Worsøe and a sought after teacher and consultant.

She is currently presenting her latest film Travels to the Dance Within at filmfestivals across the globe.





Pernille Koch holds a MA in dance and choreography from the international school SNDO in Amsterdam. She has been a driving force as a performer and actress within the Danish stage arts since the 90s. She is a diverse artist and performer who brings humour and presence to many genres: musical theatre, performances for teenagers and children, key notes, installation art, political satire, experimental performance art and film.

She prefers to involve herself in projects where she can contribute to and be part of the process of creating a communal work of art.

She also teaches social choreography to children as part of an artist in residence program.

Pernille is courageous and humorous and throws herself into crazy projects where she can take on the responsibility of asking a lot of questions and meeting her audience eye-to-eye.







Amia Miang trained at The Danish National School of Performing Arts and Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York. She is an artist with a diverse range of expressive talents and a real knack for learning. Her performance skills include playing the clarinet and the guitar, part-singing, dubbing, performing magic tricks and steering marionettes. She works internationally within the stage arts – performing in dance-, music- and theatre productions.

She also collaborates with highly regarded visual artists on exhibitions and performances in galleries and museums where she contributes her comic timing and musicality, as well as an open curiosity towards the challenges of art.

Amia is an engaging teacher and speaker, focusing on the physical body and creativity.